Al Wertjes
Rita Drohman

Alan Wertjes, Chairman, has served on the board since 1994. An attorney, he and wife Catherine have four children. Al says, "Sexual behavior and abortion are issues that dominate our culture, and are issues with which we need to be engaged. Through Option's work, we can connect directly with people making important decisions -decisions ranging from whether to abort an unborn child to how to behave sexually. We have the opportunity to inject God's wisdom into those decisions. It's the best way to help people avoid pain, heartache, and tragedy."

Rita Drohman, Vice Chair, has served on the board since 1992. Her motivation to serve with Options: "I see it as an opportunity to take part in 'Being Jesus' to the hurting and helpless of our community, with the hope that those who are served at Options will be touched deeply enough to turn to Him." Rita and husband Bob have two children and ten grandchildren.

Al Roser

Al Roser says there are several reasons why he is motivated to serve on the Options board. "As a retired Christian orthopedic surgeon, I have always been amazed at the beauty and complexity of the human body; physical evidence that to me, demands belief in a Supernatural Creator. I have developed a deep respect for all human life, and by serving at Options I want to help save as many innocent lives as possible. I also know that it is very important to lovingly minister to men and women during and after facing an unplanned pregnancy; to support them and to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with them through which comes true healing. I am in full support of Options in that we are strongly committed to doing these things."

Rob Warner

Rob was born and raised here in Olympia. He is married to Debbie and together they have four kids and two grandchildren. Rob is the pastor of South Sound Foursquare Church and has been in the ministry for 20 years. He believes the Bible is clear that life begins at conception and he has spoken on behalf of the unborn. The work of Options is a blessing to the Lord and Rob feels it is an honor to serve those who are “fearfully and wonderfully" made in the image of God. Jesus was clear that we are to Love God and Love People, and that includes those with no voice for themselves.

Brad Underland

Brad Underland has served on the board since 2005. He grew up near Yellowstone Park and has taught English locally since 1992. He and his wife Lois are raising two daughters and a son, and are members at Grace Community Covenant Church in Olympia. Brad says serving on the board rightly shifts his focus toward the needs of others. "Taking up my small part in this compassion ministry nudges me to ask how I can reflect God's character in my work with Options, and in my everyday life. Do I love mercy?"

Craig Landes

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