Pregnancy Testing


It is Option's desire to be the initial contact for those facing unexpected pregnancies. We provide accurate medical information, and link arms with these men and women as they process their options. 


Pregnancy testing is conducted by one of our trained and licensed nurses. A volunteer consultant also speaks with the client during this initial appointment, and shares more about Option's support services and community resources.


"I called Options and went in to meet with them. I had a pregnancy test and it was positive! I would tell any woman, single or married, that Options has the best staff and kind and supportive consultants."


From teenagers, to young marrieds, to homeless youth, Options serves each client with respect and compassion. We want each person to feel listened to and cared for.

All services at Options are free of charge, due to the generosity of friends and supporters.

No insurance or payment needed. 


First Trimester Ultrasound

Options is a pregnancy medical clinic, and offers first trimester ultrasounds to clients who have had a positive pregnancy test at the Clinic. Our nurses look for fetal placement, fetal heartbeat, and gestational age.


Many clients who may be considering abortion say that seeing their baby during the ultrasound was a turning point for them. Most have no idea how developed the child is, and are amazed at the movement and beat of the baby's heart.


"I had an ultrasound when I was about 8 weeks along, and my boyfriend came with me to see the baby too. It really started to become real."


Most ultrasounds are done around the 8th week of pregnancy, and clients can again talk with a consultant to sort through any issues that surround the pregnancy.

STD Testing & Treatment

The Clinic offers free STD testing and treatment to both male and female clients. Screening is done by our nurses for both gonorrhea and chlamydia.  This is a valuable service that has expanded our outreach into the community. Many clients come with questions about sexuality, exposure to disease, and healthy lifestyle options.


Through this testing and treatment program, we are able to share the truth about sexual health, and God's plan for sex inside of marriage. We are able to listen to those who have struggled, and give them tools to make wise long-term relationship choices.


According to the American Sexual Health Association, more than half of all people will have an STD some point in their life.

Parenting Classes & Parenting Education

Clients are able to attend group or individual classes at the Clinic, until their child is two years old. Parenting Support Educators work one-on-one with clients, using our "Earn While You Learn" curriculum. They also lead group classes, such as "Understanding Your Baby's Cry", CPR, and childbirth education. These class interactions are a great way to get to know each individual, and to show them that those at the Clinic truly care about them.


"Even having three kids now, I learn something every time I go in for classes."


Diapers & Wipes

Clients can receive diapers and baby wipes at the Clinic, from newborn to size 6.

"Having a place to get diapers during those hard times is wonderful."

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Options Pregnancy Clinic

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