Prayer Requests


Without prayer and God's help, Options would be meaningless.  Please lift our ministry up frequently, as that is where the power and purpose comes from.

Here are five ideas for focused prayer:



  • We would be the first contact for those who are contemplating abortion.

  • Open hearts and open minds as they come in to the Clinic.

  • Find hope and healing through God's plan for their lives.

  • For understanding that their lives, and the life of their unborn child, are valuable.

  • God would send compassionate workers to the harvest fields at Options.

  • They would learn and absorb all training materials quickly and completely.

  • Protection from God as they serve, so they can fulfill His call with health and passion.

  • They would care deeply for those they serve, especially those who have experienced numerous life challenges.


  • God would provide for all the financial needs of the Clinic, in His perfect timing and in His perfect way.

  • Generous givers would be blessed beyond measure, and rewards would be sent ahead to heaven.

  • Fundraisers would be well-attended and meaningful to our supporters.

  • Donated gifts would be used wisely and always to God's glory.


  • Each position would be filled by a God-ordained person who truly wants to be used in this ministry.

  • Protection as they work, travel, serve, and open their hearts to those in our community.

  • For wisdom, unity, growth, and guidance as they all strive to work together for His kingdom.

  • Strength and health for themselves and their families.


  • God's blessing on each special event, on-site and in the community.

  • Great public relations and reputation in our local area and beyond.

  • Safety as staff, supporters, and volunteers travel, participate, and work at each event.

  • New and creative ways to raise funds, serve clients, and reach out to our community.

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Options Pregnancy Clinic

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